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Mayco SLP Manufacturing

We specialize in lightweight interior and exterior automotive parts. We have a wide range of injection molding machines as well as natural fiber and BAYPREG® compression molding.


Lightweight Injection Molding Capabilities

Mayco SLP has injection molding machines ranging from 250 ton to 2700 ton machines.

Injection molding is the core of our business. We have the capabilities to produce lightweight, thin walled functional plastics as well as interior hard trim. At Mayco SLP we have all new hydraulic injection molding machines that are designed for the highest levels of precision molding. Thanks to an intelligent energy management system, our machines run at maximum efficiency.

Compression molding is a precise and potentially rapid process for producing high-quality composite parts in a wide range of volumes.—Joe Carruthers

BAYPREG® Compression Molding suppliers

We use lightweight natural fiber materials to compression mold interior automotive parts such as load floors.

At Mayco SLP we have the capacity to compression mold natural fiber as well as PUR substrates to form interior components. We specialize in the use BAYPREG® material to compression mold interior load floors that are both high strength and extremely lightweight.

Quality and Safety
When you enter the manufacturing facilities at Mayco SLP you will immediately notice a dedication to quality, safety and team development. We believe that it isn’t enough to have the best equipment and materials, we must also optimize our processes and training programs in order to create products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. To that end, we have developed standard operating procedures, cell layouts, and reporting forms. Our standards have created a nationally recognized environment of safety, which we take great pride in, and continually reinforce. The atmosphere of safety and the confidence in training is all a part of producing an excellent product.

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